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Created in Paris (France) in 1968 during the 1st International Congress of Myriapodology, the CENTRE INTERNATIONAL DE MYRIAPODOLOGIE (CIM) represents the global community of myriapodologists. Its mission is to rapidly inform myriapodologists (and other zoologists and biologists) of works in progress or published in all the fields of myriapodology (Myriapoda & Onychophora), from the study of macromolecules to the study of ecosystems and landscape ecology, as well as systematics and taxonomy.

This website highlights the activities of Centre International de Myriapodologie / International Society for Myriapodology. It hosts the annual CIM Newsletter, announces upcoming international congresses, reviews our 18 previous congresses, and offers a list of members, as well as a reference list of publications on Myriapoda and much more about the fascinating "multipedes" Myriapoda and Onychophora.
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