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MyriaLit is a database on myriapod literature references. It contains over 16,500 references on Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Pauropoda and Symphyla from the year 1551 up to date. But it is under no circumstances complete. It may be assumed that the number of publications on Myriapods exceeds 20,000.

Hans Reip started to compile this list including the literature collections from the Senckenberg Museum of Natural and History Görlitz (Karin Voigtländer), Norman Lindner, Jörg Spelda, Peter Decker and Jörg Rosenberg.

The listed authors will excuse if titles or names are misspelled, forgot some of their papers or made other faults. It would be really helpful if everybody who has additional references and information could place this information at Hans Reip's disposal to add or correct the list.

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Yahata, Kensuka; Makioka, Toshiki (1997): Phylogenetic significance of the structure of adult ovary and oogenesis in a primitive chilognathan diplopod, Hyleoglomeris japonica Verhoeff (Glomerida, Diplopoda). – Journal of Morphology 231 (3): 277-285.

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Yi-Ming, G.; Chu-Sheng, W.; Jian-Hua, L. (1991): A new genus and species of Gamasides off Julus terrestris and a new family proposed (Acari: Dermanyssoidea). – Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 16 (4): 431.

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