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The MyriaLit/CIM LIT is an online reference database to compile all literature references on Myriapoda. It contains over 17,000 references on Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Pauropoda and Symphyla from the year 1551 up to date. But it is under no circumstances complete. It may be assumed that the number of publications on Myriapods exceeds 20,000.

The new CIM LIT database based on the MyriaLit database (ca. 16.000 references). Hans Reip started to compile the MyriaLit including the literature collections from the Senckenberg Museum of Natural and History Görlitz (Karin Voigtländer), Norman Lindner, Jörg Spelda, Peter Decker and Jörg Rosenberg.

In 2019, the CIM LIT - The Online Myriapod Literature Reference Input Tool from the Centre International de Myriapodologie (CIM) went online and allows CIM members to add literature to this database. It contains the data of the MyriaLit as well as the latest version of the literature collection of the Senckenberg Museum of Natural and History Görlitz (ca. 8.000 references)

Please visit CIM LIT and register to add your references, fill gaps and to keep the database up-to-date

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